SEO, PPC, and other TLAs 

SEO, PPC, and other TLAs 

The key to online marketing success lies in a thorough understanding of its TLAs (three-letter abbreviations). A good grip on the concept of the biggest TLAs of online marketing, such as SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) ads, can enable you to drive a profitable online marketing campaign. 

SEO and PPC are two distinct approaches to achieving one common goal: making a website visible. Depending on its marketing objectives and budget, a business may choose either one or both strategies and appear among the top search results (rank). 

SEO online marketing techniques are a set of best practices that make a website align with the search engine’s ranking factors or the factors they consider before ranking a website. 

It takes SEO a few months before it makes a website rank. Therefore, it might not be a viable option for marketing strategies designed to yield prompt results, and you might want to consider investing in a PPC campaign instead.

PPC helps your website rank quicker by showing it as an ad on the first search engine results page. It works on a CPC or cost-per-click basis and generates your ad’s cost corresponding to the number of clicks that it gets. 

SEO and PPC are shaped around targeted keywords or common phrases that a business’s target audience uses while searching the internet. These keywords are included in the website’s content and are given to the search engines while creating a PPC campaign. They help search engines associate the searchers’ problems with the website’s solutions and rank it. 

Therefore, keyword analysis or KWA becomes another important TLA of online marketing that precedes the development and implementation of SEO and PPC strategies. It gives you an insight into the common search phrases in your niche and highlights other essential metrics related to these terms. 

Landau Consulting, an online marketing company in NJ, helps develop a successful SEO online marketing strategy and has created this infographic to explain SEO, PPC, and the concept of other TLAs to help you to succeed in the online world.