5 Essential Trade Show Booth Design Elements

5 Essential Trade Show Booth Design Elements

The pressure to have the best tradeshow booth is difficult to bear. Your primary goal is to attract as large a good quality audience as possible, with the potential to convert into quality leads and, eventually, quality customers. But how do you go about doing that? Should you go with the well-known 20×20 trade show booth? Which colors do you prefer? What about visual arts? Here are the five must-have elements for an outstanding tradeshow booth design.

1)   Lighting

Lighting comes after graphics and copy. These are inextricably linked, and if one is ignored, the others will appear to be ignored as well. In terms of design, lighting serves many important functions. It draws attention to highlighted key products and messaging, which means it could make or break the campaign. You should also use lighting to enhance the texture of your graphics, add dramatic effects, create the desired ambiance, and so on. Just don’t go too far.

2)   Graphics

These are the first things that catch the audience’s attention. You’d like to make a good first impression. This does not imply using the brightest colors, the most bizarre effects, or the largest fonts. It entails being inventive and deliberate.

Simplicity is key, so keep your copy brief and your graphics light and simple. Avoid filling your graphic real estate with words, no matter how much you want to tell people about your brand. White spaces are just as important as empty spaces for balancing your graphics.

You should also keep your graphics simple and bright, with just enough color to attract but not too much to distract. Limit yourself to three colors and three fonts. Avoid using dull colors. Bright colors are appealing and choose fonts that are simple to read.

3)   Storage

You need storage to lock up valuable items, keep giveaways out of sight but within reach for when you need them, reduce clutter appearance, and focus the entire booth on the products and services. Shelving, towers, podiums, workstations (strategically placed), and lockable counters are some in-built booth storage options. There are numerous options. Simply select the option that is most convenient for you.

4)   Flooring

Another point of interest is the flooring. The majority of people choose standard flooring, which is usually quite blunt or even clashes with the rest of your booth design. Don’t be like the majority of people. There are numerous advantages to using custom trade show booth flooring.

Going with a custom printed carpet, for example, is a fun option that will make your show stand out. Alternatively, you can use a flex floor, hardwood flooring, interlocking carpet tiles, rolled bamboo, interlocking floor tiles, or vinyl.

5)   Media & Technology

Pop-up banners and basic portable displays are long gone. Today’s trade shows use technology and in-booth media to differentiate themselves from the competition, thanks to the advancement of technology. These are used to improve the experience of your visitors, to effectively communicate your message, to set a specific mood and intended scenes, and more.

Do you want to spruce up your trade show booth? If so, don’t overlook these five crucial design elements! They will not only make your booth more visually appealing and functional, but they may also give you a competitive advantage over the other event exhibitors. Do you need assistance getting started? From lighting and graphics to storage and flooring, our team can help you with all aspects of trade show booth design. Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Contact Rockway Exhibits today!