Case Bearing Tips to Maintain Them

Case Bearing Tips to Maintain Them

When the old bearings have been removed from the cases and you have cleaned everything, make certain you have the right bearings. You additionally wish to see to it you know which bearing enters into the right-side case and which goes into the left-side instance. We advise noting them with a Con artist to keep them right. It is likewise essential to understand which side goes up and which side drops. Describe the solution manual as this may vary from maker to maker. Typically, the bearings are marked on one side. The markings can be utilized to represent either up or down, yet in many cases, the marks go up.

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  • Freeze the bearings

This is a crucial but easy task. Simply put your bearings in the freezer overnight. A lot of ATV main bearings are press fit, implying there is little resistance between the bearing and the bearing surface. When steel is frozen it reduces somewhat, which makes installing the bearing a little simpler.

  • Clean the bearings

Clean the bearing race surface with a cleaner that eliminates every one of the dust, oil, as well as grease and ensures there is no debris present. Use brake or components cleaner that will not leave any residue on the surface location. Be sure to look for any high spots, which may need to be leveled before the setup of the new bearings. You need a tidy, as well as even surface for the bearings to rest on.

  • Warm the case

Beware with this step, as heating up the instances inaccurately can spoil them. Also, make sure to put on gloves and eye protection throughout this action. Heating the cases can be done in several ways, such as by putting the case half in the oven at a reduced temperature for 10-15 minutes. However, it’s not suggested that you try it in your house oven as the process might stink up your entire home with the smell of melted oil.