Does a Broken Bone Qualify You for Car Accident Compensation?

Does a Broken Bone Qualify You for Car Accident Compensation?

Car accidents can leave victims suffering from broken bones. A collision can involve a strong force that can break a person’s bones, pelvis, legs, and other body parts, causing serious pain and limitations. Although some broken bones may heal quickly, others can become complicated and result in permanent disability. Injury attorneys Huntington Beach will help car accident victims recover from their accident-related injuries such as broken bones. Read to know the importance of an injury claim for a broken bone and the factors that may impact the settlement value of an injury case:

Common Broken Bones Suffered After a Vehicle Accident

During a vehicle accident, your body experiences significant force such as acceleration and deceleration. The force can be felt when the body is struck by an airbag, when the vehicle hits a guardrail, or when another crashes your car. Such forces may cause your bones to break. You may suffer fractures in your back and neck, leg, hips and pelvis, ribs and sternum, as well as face and skull. Serious broken bones are quick to diagnose; however, others take time to be detected. 

What Happens When You Break a Bone?

A broken bone can usually take more than one month to heal. But, some factors such as the seriousness and complexity of the fracture can influence your recovery. Once you are diagnosed with a broken bone, your doctor may recommend various treatment options, depending on the kind of fracture you suffer and how serious it is. For instance, if you suffer an open fracture, you may be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection. 

The majority of fractures require splinting, with a cast or immobilizer. If you have a more serious break, your doctor may need to implant pins or screws in your affected bone and use hardware for stabilizing it while it heals. Physical therapy may also be recommended after your bone is healed. 

Filing a Personal Injury Claim for a Broken Bone

Due to the uniqueness of your injury, there is no set formula to calculate your damages. But, you might be able to seek compensation for medical and hospital bills, physical therapy and rehab, medications and medical equipment, pain and suffering, lost income, and emotional distress. The value of your claim will be affected by some factors including the seriousness of your injuries, the insurance amount applicable to your claim, and the circumstances that surround your car crash. Your injury attorney will determine the insurance policies that apply to your claim and calculate your damages so you can get a fair settlement.