Head to Head: The Thrilling Encounters Between Shabana and McF

Squash is not only a sport that requires immense physical strength and agility but also a mental battle wherein a player must strategize, adapt and react in an instant. The game has evolved over the years, and many players have achieved greatness. However, the story of the rivalry between Amr Shabana and Gregory Gaultier, commonly known as McF, is an exciting one that has captured the attention of the squash world for more than a decade. In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the shabana vs mcf rivalry and how it has shaped the world of squash.

Amr Shabana, born in Egypt, made his debut in the professional squash world in 1999 at the age of 20. During his initial years, he showed great promise and went on to win his first major title in 2003; he won the World Open, becoming the first Egyptian to do so. Shabana’s effortless movement on the court and his ability to hit the ball with accuracy and precision soon earned him the nickname, “The Maestro.” However, it wasn’t until 2006 that Shabana and McF first met in a professional setting. The World Open final was the stage, and Shabana emerged victorious, crushing McF in four games. It was the perfect prelude to a rivalry that would last for years to come.

From then on, every time Shabana and McF met on the court, it was a showdown of epic proportions. McF, who had won his first tournament in 2000, was no stranger to the world of squash. He was known for his tenacity, speed, and an ability to express his displeasure at a referee’s call. In contrast, Shabana was known for his composed demeanor and calm approach. Together, these two were an unstoppable force on the squash court.

Over the years, the duo met in numerous finals, continuously pushing each other to their limits. In 2007, at the World Series Finals, McF secured an intense victory over Shabana, causing an uproar in the Squash world. However, the Master Shabana bounced back, winning the World Open that very same year, crushing McF in the semis in the process. Their rivalry ignited the crowds as people from all over the world tuned in to watch these spectacular athletes do battle on the court.

The slugfest between Shabana and McF continued through the years, and while both of them suffered injuries along the way, they never lost the fire and desire to beat each other. Fans marvelled at their on-court chemistry and the ability to tackle difficult shots, often producing moments that transcended the sport itself. Shabana won his third World Open in 2009, after defeating McF in the semis. This victory not only boosted Shabana in the world rankings but also furthered the gap between himself and McF.

It wasn’t until late 2015 that Shabana and McF met for the last time on the professional circuit. By this time, McF had passed his peak, but he still had the will and determination to win. Shabana, on the other hand, was 36 years old and was contemplating retirement. However, on that fateful day, Shabana secured victory in an emotional encounter that brought an end to their decade-long rivalry. Seven years had passed since the two fierce rivals met, and this final match was the “icing on the cake” of their enmity.


The rivalry between Amr Shabana and Gregory Gaultier was one for the ages, one that will be remembered by Squash enthusiasts for years to come. Their matches were a testament to the true spirit of the game, a combination of brains and brawn, technique and finesse. The memories of their encounters still remain fresh, from McF winning the Qatar Classic in 2008 or Shabana closing out the Tournament of Champions in 2011. While both athletes have moved on from their professional careers, their legacy will remain and will inspire several young squash players to challenge themselves, push their limits, and aim for greatness.