Installation Of Speed Bumps For Private Lanes

For modular speed bumps such as speed bumps Las Vegas for example, 5 centimeters or 7 centimeters high, the number of dowels, lag bolts, and washers required depends on the number of parts that make up the retarder. Indeed, the latter being modular, placing as many pieces as necessary to reach the ideal width according to the desired display on the roadway is possible. Each straight element of the retarder, i.e., each part inside the retarder, contains four mounting locations. They can be assembled using a simple plug-in connection system. Each part located at the end of the retarder contains two mounting locations. Thus, it will take, for example, twenty pegs,

The required number of dowels, lag bolts and washers are fixed for the speed bump and one-piece type retarder. A one-piece retarder is only made up of two end pieces and a centerpiece. The central piece has four fixing locations, and the two end pieces each have one fixing location. It will therefore take six dowels, lag bolts, and washers to install the one-piece retarder.

Installation Of Speed Traps For Trapezoidal-Type Private Roads

As for the trapezoidal type retarders, 600 millimeters or 900 millimeters long, the number of pins, lag bolts, and washers required depends on the number of parts that make up the retarder. This type of retarder is modular, like the first two speed bumps mentioned above, and can therefore be made up of several parts to be defined by the customer. Each piece inside the trapezoidal-type retarder contains six mounting locations, and each end piece has three mounting locations. It will then take thirty dowels, lag bolts, and washers if the speed bump comprises four straight pieces and two end pieces. The screw system designed by Sino Concept is ideally suited to any road and will maintain a solid and durable attachment of the speed bump to the road. In case of doubt or incomprehension, the Sino Concept team is available to answer its customers’ questions to assist them in assembling any road development equipment.

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