Key points of Salesforce admin course syllabus that you must know

Key points of Salesforce admin course syllabus that you must know

Are you a Salesforce aspirant or a Salesforce student or salesforce professional? Are you looking for a high-paying job in the tech industry? You’re in the right spot.

Businesses need a platform that makes it easy to use customer data. Salesforce is one such platform that our companies depend on. It’s clear that Salesforce has had a major impact on both Fortune 500 and start-ups.

If you are planning to take the Admin Certification Examination, make sure that you have read the syllabus. Salesforce regularly updates the Certification Exam format to reflect product changes. To keep up with product changes, Salesforce updates the Certification Exam format on a regular basis. Though it is best to tie up with institutes such as the reputable  Salesforce training institute in Pune to know the syllabus in detail. However, here is also mentioned the key points of the salesforce admin course syllabus.

Overview of the Salesforce Admin Course Exam

  • The Salesforce Administrator Exam has 60 questions.
  • Salesforce Administrator Exam questions will likely be multiple-choice or multiple-select.
  • It takes approximately 105 minutes and costs $200.
  • Passing the exam is possible with a score of just 65 percent.
  • The exam can be taken at either a proctored on-site testing centre or online.
  • Salesforce recommends that you have some basic knowledge of fundamentals of salesforce.

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Important Subject Wise Salesforce Admin Course Syllabus

Configuration and setup: 20%

  • Describe the details contained in the corporate settings (For example: company settings fiscal year, business hours, currency management, default settings).
  • Recognize and comprehend declarative user interface configuration administration. (As an illustration, consider UI settings, the app menu, list views, global actions, and Lightning App Builder.)
  • Show how to set up and maintain users properly using the provided scenario.
  • Describe the various security measures used by the company. (Setup Session Settings, Login Hours, Audit Trail, etc.)
  • Apply the necessary security measures in accordance with a user request scenario, taking into account the functions and functionality of the Salesforce sharing model. (For instance, sharing: roles, superiors, hierarchical, report and dashboard folders, org wide default, public groups.)
  • Identify the proper application of a custom identity or permissions set for a given circumstance.

Lightning and the Object Manager 20 percent for app developers

  • Describe the connection model and common object architecture. (For instance, record kinds, parent-child relationships, master detail/lookup relationships, and parent-child relationships.)
  • Explain the creation, deletion, and customization of fields and page layouts on both standard and custom objects, and be aware of the effects of field deletion.
  • Determine the best way to develop and allocate page layouts, document types, and work processes for both custom and standard objects based on a given scenario.

Other Important Subjects of Salesforce Admin Exam

 Sales & Marketing Applications: 12%, Service & Support Applications: 11%, Productivity & Collaboration: 7%, Data & Analytics Management: 14%, and Workflow/Process Automation: 16%.


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