Top Tips For Not Losing Your Keys in 2022

Top Tips For Not Losing Your Keys in 2022

Losing your keys can definitely ruin your day – you get locked out of your car, be late for an appointment, or stuck in the rain. On the bright side, there are several steps you can take to avoid the problem. Here are tops tips for not losing your keys in 2022. If you ever lose your keys locksmith brampton to help.

Allocate a place for everything.

Give everything in place – you can use find a nice dish or use a hook to hang up your keys. Make a point of transferring your keys to their new location if you discover them strewn about the house. A habit will eventually build, making things more automatic after a few days.

Use a tracking device.

Some great gadgets in the market allow you to track keys. You can attach these devices to your keys, and activate them through an app on your phone. The tracking device allows you to pinpoint the location, and once the key is in range, an alarm will be activated.

Paint your car keys.

Make your keys stand out even in the dead of night, and you’ll never lose them again. It will be much simpler to find your keys if you paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint. This is especially true if they glow up in the front yard on a dark winter evening—or at the bottom of your crammed and disorganized gym bag.

Use in a smaller purse.

Most women are under the misconception that larger purses will make them more organized. Try changing your purse with a smaller bag if you find yourself continuously rummaging around in it for your keys, it may help solve the problem.

Use a large keychain.

It can be more challenging to find your keys if you just carry a few of them rather than a large set, especially if they become stuck in the cracks of your office chair or couch. Supersizing your keys with a vibrant and fluffy pom-pom or a pretty key chain will make things easier for you. Your morning ritual will have a little more flair and your keys will be easier to see.

Retrace your steps.

If you have misplaced your keys, try retracing your steps. It will be easier to create a mental picture of the location of your keys, if you recreate the exact scenario you were in when you last remembered seeing them, taking into account specifics like the time of day, the place, and what you were doing.

Keep an extra set with a friend.

If you lose your keys frequently, keep a key with a friend or family member, or neighbor. This way you can avoid getting locked outside your house.


In this blog, we have outlined some tips to prevent your keys from getting lost. Remember to stay calm it will help you find your key faster.