Travel Insurance For Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: What You Need To Know

Travel Insurance For Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: What You Need To Know

How to Ensure You Have the Right Travel Insurance Coverage - CAA South  Central OntarioPre-Existing Conditions: What Are They?

How do travel insurance providers define pre-existing medical conditions? Simply put, it means that before the start of your trip or before the insurance went into effect, any symptoms or disorders that were treated or diagnosed would not be covered by your insurer.


Is Notifying The Insurer Of PED Required?

Imagine that your mother and father are coming to the US to visit you from India. You were unaware that your father had just stopped taking his prescription for high cholesterol even though he was not at risk of a heart attack.


He was found to have cardiac issues while on the trip, but your travel health insurance claim was turned down. Your insurance company looked at your history of illnesses and determined that the medical emergency was brought on by the heart symptoms (cholesterol) he had experienced before the trip.


Does Travel Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Diseases?

Most international travel insurance policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions or anything else that can make your journey more difficult. This does not exclude you from purchasing insurance to cover certain conditions, though. There are several travel insurance options available now that cover pre-existing ailments when travelling abroad.


However, to verify if it qualifies as an add-on to your current travel insurance policy, you must either notify the insurer about it or review the policy documentation. Both domestic and foreign travel insurance coverage is affected by this.


How Can You Tell If Your Travel Insurance Policy Needs PED Coverage?

Maintaining good health is your duty if you want to live a happy and stress-free life. For this, you must confirm whether you had any medical examinations or modifications made to your prescription before your vacation.


You must first understand PED before purchasing travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing illnesses may include:

  • Any ailment for which you have had therapy or are still receiving treatment
  • Any illness you’re taking medication for
  • Almost every medical problem you are already aware of
  • You must purchase the pre-existing condition add-on to your international travel insurance if you are diagnosed with the condition that could be dangerous while you are travelling. You must do this by locating a policy that addresses your specific pre-existing condition.


Is It Worth It to Travel Without a PED Cover?

A traveller’s wife was rushed to the hospital after experiencing slight chest pains. When she received an invitation to attend a conference overseas, she was taking medicine.


Before leaving for her international trip, she purchased a pre-existing condition coverage medical insurance for travel policy. Unfortunately, she got sick there, but she could file a claim because her travel insurance provider was aware of her pre-existing medical condition.


If she had not obtained pre-existing condition coverage for her foreign travel insurance, her claim would have been rejected at the time of her emergency overseas. Therefore, it’s crucial to buy travel insurance coverage while travelling, especially if you already have a pre-existing disease.


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