Understanding Assembly Line In Detail

Understanding Assembly Line In Detail

Many of us would have heard the concept of ‘Assembly line‘ plenty of times, right? But we are sure not many of you understand the intricate details of what an assembly line means and how it functions.  

What Is Assembly Line 

The factory assembly line is considered a production process that divides the entire labor process into plenty of steps. The Assembly line breaks up the manufacturing of the goods into pre-determined steps that also get completed in pre-determined sequences. Especially when a company is planning to produce a huge volume of products, there is a need to use this concept. The whole concept helps in making the production of goods super simple and easy.  

The best part about a factory assembly line is that it helps in reducing the labor cost by a huge margin. This is because the unskilled labor and workers could easily get trained about a specific task. Instead of hiring a skilled and experienced individual, who can put together the product’s manufacturing, companies can end up hiring workers who could add up to the process.  

Different Types Of Assembly Lines 

Assembly lines do vary depending on the based on who is using it and what is the purpose of using it. The process gets tailored as per the manufacturing of the products. The category of this assembly line is divided into the following: 

  • Automated: This is the assembly line that is primarily operated with the assistance of machine labor. Currently, 90% of the assembly lines have got automated.
  • Classic: As the name suggests, the classic assembly lines use multiple steps and varied individuals to make ‘One single product. In this case, an example could be ‘Automobiles.’
  • Lean: This type of factory assembly line is very similar to the automated type. Primarily this type involves the usage of a team of workers instead of just picking a few individuals.  

When Should Companies Make Use Of Assembly Lines? 

To establish an effective assembly line, one needs to keep into consideration plenty of factors. Some complicated products need to be broken into multiple components, such as workers and machines, making them easy to assemble.

Companies for their factories have started to use a design to be followed as an approach for assembly line, which helps in analyzing the product. As per this basis, an assembly line is constituted which could be helpful for the factory.