What type of resin should you use?

What type of resin should you use?

If you are asking yourself “What sort of Resin solution [น้ำยาเรซิ่น, which is the term in Thai] should I utilize,” you have pertained to the appropriate location.

This is amongst the most usual questions I obtain inquired about fashion jewelry, art, and crafts. There is no “onedimension fits all” material, and there are lots of points to consider. I will walk you with how I consider the procedure, whether I am producing for myself or helping another artist select a material.

Let’s imagine you have walked right into your favorite butcher shop. You tell the meat cutter at the counter that you want a steak as well as ask what kind you ought to purchase. Amongst the feedback you’re most likely to get is a concern asking “What do you intend to make?” Picking a material is truly no different than this scenario. To be more specific, I would frame my feedback right into “What are you hoping completion result to be?”

If you’re a beginner, I cannot stress enough that you need to begin with an epoxy material. Why? Fairly speaking, epoxy is the “most convenient” to work with. It normally doesn’t call for using a respirator mask as well as tends to be the most flexible of ecological factors, such as moisture. Epoxy resin likewise has the lengthiest life span. I likewise like that it usually has the longest pot time, around 20-40 minutes to deal with it, so it’s excellent for newbies that are still fumbling as well as getting used to working with resin.


If you want your last task to be clear, you want to ensure, to begin with, a clear resin. Also, realize that clearly does not always suggest “color free.” Some clear materials will treat with a yellow color, depending upon the brand name. If you’re not sure about how clear the material is when cast, consult the seller or maker before buying. Know that the clearer as well as more color-free the material, the more it will set you back.