Worldpay Stretches its Deal with Chargebacks911

Worldpay Stretches its Deal with Chargebacks911

Worldpay from FIS and Chargebacks911 Extend Partnership to Tackle Fraud |  The Fintech Times

As one of the world’s biggest payment processing firms, Worldpay is always looking for ways to better the experience for both retailers and consumers. That’s why they’ve decided to prolong their collaboration with Chargebacks911.

Chargebacks911 has been working with Worldpay since 2015, and this new deal will see Worldpay offer its merchants even more comprehensive fraud and chargeback protection. In addition, it will give them access to Chargebacks911’s extensive knowledge base and support team.

What the Extension Means for Worldpay Retailers

With this partnership in place, Worldpay merchants can be assured that they’re getting the best protection against fraud and chargebacks. And with Chargebacks911’s help, they can resolve any issues that do arise quickly and efficiently.

If you’re a Worldpay merchant, be sure to take advantage of this partnership and all that it has to offer. It’s just one more way that Worldpay is working to make your life easier. You can also call the Worldpay telephone number for more information about chargeback protection.

About Worldpay

Worldpay is a leading global payment provider. It processes over 40 billion transactions annually, worth over $1.9 trillion, and is trusted by over 1.5 million businesses worldwide.

Worldpay makes it easy for customers to accept all types of payments worldwide. It provides a single platform that integrates with all major payment types and systems, including credit and debit cards, ACH, eCheck, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and more.

The payment giant also offers a suite of value-added services, including fraud and risk management, data analytics, and customer intelligence, that help retailers grow their businesses and improve their bottom line.

About Chargebacks911

Chargebacks911 is the world’s largest chargeback prevention and management company. It helps companies of all sizes prevent and manage chargebacks and has recovered over $1 billion for businesses.

Chargebacks911 are experts in the field of chargebacks and  is dedicated to helping retailers reduce chargebacks and improve their bottom line

It is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company offers a suite of services, including chargeback prevention, management, and customer intelligence.

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