3 Key Questions to Ask when Selecting a Managed Cloud Services Provider

3 Key Questions to Ask when Selecting a Managed Cloud Services Provider

Experienced managed cloud services providers (MCSPs) enable companies to control costs and streamline operations to capture the maximum value from the cloud. But selecting the best MCSP for your unique cloud environment and business needs can be a challenge. This brief guide will show you how to simplify the process. Thanks for reading!

#1. Do they have the right skills and expertise?

Cloud computing is a vast area, incorporating a huge number of products, services, and solutions. Your MCSP should be thoroughly familiar with your specific requirements. They should have advanced knowledge about the cloud services you use (or will use) and how they may affect your business operations.

In addition, they must:

  • Be aware which best practices can optimize your cloud environment
  • Ensure smooth integration of cloud resources with the existing IT infrastructure
  • Adapt your workflows for the cloud environment

For all these reasons, make sure to get a good handle on:

  • Which cloud platforms and services the MCSP is familiar with
  • What capabilities they bring to the table
  • Their familiarity with your company’s processes and workflows

#2. Do they have comprehensive data security policies and controls?

The MCSP’s security policies and controls should be your top priority. Without them, the MCSP is vulnerable to all kinds of cyberattacks and data breaches. And by extension, so are you.

Thus, while evaluating MCSPs, also assess their security framework, expertise, and experience. Ask how they safeguard their IT environments and what kind of security solutions they provide to protect your assets.

Furthermore, make sure to ask these questions:

  • How do they prevent unauthorized parties from accessing their network?
  • If a breach does happen, how fast are they able to detect and mitigate it?
  • Has an authorized third party assessed and certified their security environment?

#3. How will they help your organization maintain compliance?

Regardless of which industry you operate in, it’s highly likely that you are required to comply with certain laws and regulations. But it can be difficult to track and manage all regulations in the cloud, increasing the risk of non-compliance and thus resulting in fines, legal action, and reputational damage.

The best MCSPs provide the solutions you need to maintain ongoing compliance in the cloud. Understand these offerings before onboarding an MCSP. Look for a provider that can help you build a compliance-centric cloud infrastructure. Also ask these key questions:

  • Which compliance regulations do they specialize in?
  • Do they offer services to audit compliance?
  • Can they automate compliance assessments to help you quickly plug compliance gaps?


It’s critical to select the right MCSP to garner all the benefits of the cloud. The best MCSPs like Axcess.io bring advanced expertise and knowledge to ensure smooth cloud operations at predictable cost. So make sure you choose well!