Introducing DeSo: The Social Blockchain

Introducing DeSo: The Social Blockchain

It’s no secret that social media is changing how we think about privacy and ownership of the content on the web. When social media is increasingly centralized, cryptocurrency and its value on decentralization have only accelerated the conversation around censorship, data protection, privacy, and creator monetization. That’s why DeSo is becoming so popular. The DeSo blockchain has its own native cryptocurrency called $DESO, which can be used to buy social tokens, purchase NFTs, create posts, create profiles, give “diamonds,” and much more!

What is DeSO?

DeSo is the Decentralized Social Network. DeSo is the blockchain that runs BitClout and is an open-source that can run other new Social Networks. The DeSo blockchain aims to make social media an open utility for all rather than a privately-held monopoly for the benefit of some.


In the same way, Bitcoin’s decentralization has sparked transformation within the traditional financial system, DeSo will allow fairer content distribution models, provide new ways for hundreds of millions of social media users to communicate, and serve as a foundation for a decentralized social media ecosystem.


Make Money on DeSo with NFTs

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are another fabulous way to make money if you are an artist and have time to spend socializing and campaigning a little; making NFTs can be an excellent way to make some extra profit.


The DeSo platform makes it easy to mint NFTs and very affordable. If you have little money and are good at wheeling and dealing, you can catch a lot of NFT projects that allow a first bid accept model and turn around and resale at a higher value.


Social NFTs, Social tokens, and social tipping, three categories of products pioneered by DeSo, are already changing the game regarding how creators monetize on the internet, but they’re only the start. Because DeSo is money-native and open-source, anyone in the world can begin to experiment with new ways for creators to monetize by creating an app on top of DeSo. The DeSo blockchain is basically an open protocol that the whole world can build on collaboratively, which we think will ultimately create even more ways to unlock creators’ true potential, bringing competition and innovation back to social media. Moreover, because DeSo is money-native, new signals arise that can be used to rank content more effectively.