What makes Domaine arnoux lachaux wine so special

What makes Domaine arnoux lachaux wine so special

Domaine Fourrier is a renowned wine producer located in Gevrey-Chambertin, in the northern sub-region of the Burgundy Côte de Nuits. Furrier is perhaps best known for its wines from the famous Clos Saint-Jacques Premier Cru vineyard. Gevrey-Chambertin Vielles Vignes is the flagship wine of the village of Fourier, which is mainly produced from sites with very old wines (hence the name !!).    

Wine Advocate 93 points “Blind tasting at Burgess 2014, Jean-Marie Fourrier 2014 Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Clos St Jacques (labeled“ Vieilles Vignes ”) has a very clear bouquet, almost fruity, almost flavored, dark cherry combined with blueberries and blueberries … light notes of jam. The taste of the wine is full-bodied, deep, and laser in its focus, with subtle tannins, beneficial acids, and a very long, complex, and a bright aftertaste. On the palate, the wine is deep, full. -dense and nascent complex, with a large core, fairly restrained structure, exceptional concentration, and a very long, chewy, and yet quite a primary aftertaste. The taste of the wine is deep, full-bodied, clean, and well-restrained, with an excellent taste. the depth of the middle palate, fine-grained tannins, pleasant focus and grip, and a very long, firm, and yet quite a primary aftertaste.    

The wine tastes clean, full-bodied, and already quite velvety at the beginning, with a piquant heart, beautiful transparency and cohesion, fine-grained tannins, and a long, piquant, refined, and laser focus. In addition, there is an obvious leap forward in terms of concentration on the palate – a bold yet perfect balance – this wine is a real beauty.    

This wine offers a very subtle freshness and energy – supposedly chilled by the Comba breeze over the vineyard – then more red fruit and fresh notes of red currant and pomegranate, and above all, it seems very subtle acidity for the harvest. The aroma has a pleasant melange of red-orange, red cherry, fried meat, a pleasant base of the black minerality of guevara, wood smoke, and hints of dark chocolate. This is an excellent wine, but still quite light in the classic Fourier style: fruity and charming. The Prime Vineyard in Burgundy became so expensive that Fourier decided to buy grapes from his neighbors rather than other plots, and created a second line of wines with his name rather than a domain name, thus giving himself the chance to make Chambertin and Chambertin Clos de Bezet, two of Burgundy’s most celebrated wines.    

Wonderfully natural wines by Gevry Chambertin Jean-Marie Furrier took over his family estate in 1994 at the age of 23. He has worked there since 1989, during which time he completed internships with Anri Jayer and Domain Drukhin, Oregon. Healing and childless, he is assisted by his nephew Jean-Claude Furrier, who then took over in 1969. This is one of the first domains to export their wine to the US, and also one of them. from the most famous in the village possessions of all the noblest denominations.    

The owner of Online wine auctions ranging from 60 to 100 years old on some of the most legendary parcels of Gevrey-Chambertin, and it was only after Jean-Marie Fourrier took over in 1994 that the domain reached its immense potential again, making it one of the most iconic plots today. d’Or. is the main source of wines that express purely local, aromatic complexity and intensity. Furrier enjoyed an excellent reputation along with highly prized plots of land and the wines were of the highest quality. To be honest, at first, I didn’t fall madly in love with Fourier’s style, as it was very different from other wines I tasted at the time – but my taste has adapted to these more advanced and fruity wines – as like Furrier, at the same for a time he made great strides in improving the definition and purity of wines. I first came to Domaines Wines with 1999 wine and bought the village of Gevrey-Chambertin Vieille Vignes, then some 2001 Griottes at the stadium en primeur.    

However, cheap Rousseau wine is not as stable as Fourier. The price of Burgundy has skyrocketed in recent years, and finding this price, especially from a manufacturer like Fourier, will be an easy decision. Domaine Fourrier wines (if you can get a reward) are usually reasonably priced, which is an important factor for Jean-Marie because he hopes that most people will love a good bottle from time to time.    

Jean-Marie was a pupil of the great Henri Jayer and brought Domaine Fourier to eminent status for the elegant and refined wines not often found in Gevrey-Chambertin. Lonely and childless, however, Pernod seems to have nearly forced his nephew Jean-Claude Furrier to take the reins into his own hands. However, fifteen years later, the fate of the estate completely turned upside down, thanks in large part to the influence of Jean-Claude’s son, Jean Marie.    

He officially took over the vinification of Domaine 10Ha for the 1995 crop, but the actual change took place in 1994, although due to onerous inheritance taxes, the entire 1994 crop was sold to the Great Negatives to provide the money needed to pay. Furrier’s ascent into the Burgundian pantheon is all the more surprising in that he only owns a small plot of Grand Cru’s only vineyard, Griotte-Chambertin, although he is also one of five owners of a beautiful walled vineyard called Clos Saint Jacques. Premier Cru, which many consider worthy of the Grand Cru status. If you look at the typical map of the Griotte-Chambertin vineyard, with the Clos de la Bezet at the top and National Route 74 at the bottom, you will find the SCEA Domaine Fourrier vineyards in the lower right corner.    

This very round wine is completely different from the Furrier Gevrey variety in the fruit of the estate. Wonderfully rich and dense, yet fresh at the same time, with a distinct oak influence (Furrier uses about 20% new oak to age his wines). David Schildknecht-Wine Advocate 89 points “Fourriers 2008 Gevrey-Chambertin Aux Echezeaux (from nearly 90 years old vine) with strong flavors of cherry wine, vanilla, and waves, which masks its bright, salty, hard but not hard or prickly The smell of the nose. John Gilman 96 points “Griotte-Chambertin 2016 by Domaine Fourrier is a great wine in the making. It provides all the harvest wine of pleasure and enjoyment. ”    

The bottling is done manually in the domain, and to avoid decantation and the addition of sulfites before bottling, Jean-Marie prefers to leave the wine with CO2, which is naturally released during malolactic fermentation, to remove oxygen and keep the wines fresh. And all grapes are selected in the vineyard to avoid contact with any unhealthy fruit. Already at the time of harvesting in the vineyards, the strict selection is carried out, and only the fruits of vines over 30 years old are preserved in the domain. Furrier wines are matured with a minimum amount of fresh oak (usually no more than 20%) to retain delicate aroma and taste, and remain in contact with the yeast for 16-20 months, depending on the harvest and bottling.